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A Little Bit of Kink

I read about a necklace that never comes off. This is also one of those things that doesn’t fit in my supposed sexual perversion as a submissive.

I want Wonderboy to wear one.

I want him not to be able to get it off, to be reminded of me every day all of the time. He of course already has his engagement ring to remind of me, and a pretty thing it is, but it’s not the same. See, I have a thing with neck and throat. It is magic. The most sensitive part of my body. The most dangerous to touch. And I want to own his. He does as he will with me, holds me by the throat or bites me neck, but I want to own him all the time.

We got him a necklace, a chain that has a silver key, but it is too shiny for his tastes, and anyway, has a conventional lock. But still, when he put it on. I don’t know and don’t care why, but I was so drawn to him that I had a flutter of butterflies in my ribcage. (And ants in my pants.)

Now I’ve promised to get him pierced for his birthday. He wants pierced ears and I want to give them to him. He’s wanted them on and off for years now, but has never gone through with it. Probably because he really hates pain and is really a pain wimp of no small proportions. It could be pretty awkward, in the shop, if he gets cold feet. But he’s said he’s wanted earrings from when he was a small boy! Why can’t boys have earrings, mom? Why can’t I? I can just imagine his mom making a face of not making a face. They would just become inflamed and you’d be teased in school. Only girls wear earrings. Yep. He’ll have his earrings now.

I don’t necessarily kink on earrings or him getting pierced, so I don’t know what I’m kinking on here. Maybe it’s the gender fluidity thing – with earrings he’ll be much more open about who he is. He’ll be more himself, and not so much what’s expected of him. It’s a small gesture, a permanent one, that shows that he is not afraid to be who he is, even if it’s not according to societal standard.

I really like the idea of that.