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It might be hard to believe but tonight I called him daddy. It’s obviously been a while since we fucked, even a longer while still when he tied me to the upper cupboards with rope and fucked me from behind after beating me. I was standing still on very, very high red heels. At least I was until my knees buckled. It didn’t take very long for him to come, and the experience that I’d been praying for for so long didn’t leave my mind after it was over, either.

Tonight was the night. I’d had a huge success at work which was in no way dimmed by the fact that it felt like I miscarried yesterday. Today I was more than fine, I was in epic condition. I’d like for someone to make some sort of a research on women going through miscarriages. I bet I’m not the only one who picks up right after, harder than ever, because it’s easier than to stay still. Everything is easier than staying still.

After Wonderboy had eaten I danced in to the bedroom, and quirkily poked my head into the living room where he was sitting. I just hummed and smiled to him and went to bed. He got the hint so quickly I didn’t have to say anything. He undressed at the foot of the bed, but didn’t lie down.

I have to go to the bathroom first, he said.

I heard the shower and I knew it was business time. 

We started with cuddling and kissing, caressing hair, cheeks, kissing the neck, the lips, the nose, the forehead. But it didn’t quite escalate. He pulled me on top of him, the thing he does when he’s feeling uncertain and vulnerable.

What you wanna do now? I asked.

What do you want to to do? he asked me back.

I paused to think. There were certain ideas flying in my head, teasing my skin already.

I want you to dominate me. I paused for a moment still, looking into his eyes. If you feel like it.

And he did. But of course he didn’t show it to me yet. Finally when he pulled me from my hair and held my nipple in a torturous pinch he said,

I’m going to dominate you now.


He let his hand wander down my neck and the other down my throat. Suddenly I realized I was held captive and choked gently but firmly between his hands. I was all his to keep and to play with.

And I don’t care what you feel. I’m going to use you.

He did things to me then that made me move away in shock, but I couldn’t. He was holding me by the hair.

Lick my cock, you slut, he ordered, but I didn’t just lick it. I deepthroated it. He had to position me again on all fours to get his cock in more, deeper, and he did. I let the saliva and precum flow past my lips into his hairs on his cock and on the sheets.

That feels so good, so damn good, he murmured over and over again until he had to lift my head from the hair hastily so as not to come already.

He tossed me away rolling right on top of me seamlessly.

That was really hot, he said. I was really turned on by that, he said all the while sliding his slick cock against my pussy.

He pushed his cock inside. It hurt a bit and I said ouch, but he didn’t care. He kept pounding me, straight away with vigor. That was all I needed. I grinded my face against the spiky stubble of his cheeks. He voiced his pleasure. He hit me in the face a couple times more startling me than delivering pain.

Call me daddy, he said suddenly while holding my wrists.

I have never played into it like that. I have never given up on myself like that. But I did now.

Oh daddy, I love the way that feels like, my voice was cut in peaces because of his pounding. Then my voice was lost to lost and to emotions, then it came back again.

Daddy, please touch my tits, please daddy. Daddy please don’t, oh daddy, oh, oh, oh…

It felt so good to freely commit to it for once. To admit it turned us both on so much. There was finally no voyer inside me looking over my shoulder and analyzing what he was feeling. There were no fucks given to what if he’s secretly laughing at me. And he wasn’t. And we both came so loud and so intensely – not at the same time though – that it was very clear what we need. Just a little dominating. Just a little submission. Just a little play.

Just A Little Play With Daddy

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Recommend a Dildo, please!

Sooooo… I have a question for you guys. I’ll start this by saying that we had sex today. (Wahoo!) Let’s not get too excited, it was already the second time after the operation, so we had tested the waters yesterday. It didn’t hurt, because Wonderboy was very gentle with me and we had loads of fun. Come today, though, he was reluctant to bounce on my innuendos. I had to badger him with questions and cuddles before he admitted that it might even be nice to do something (see, all grown up and handling sex talk like a pro!) but he was kind squicked about my progesterone treatments.

I probably have not really described them to you, because I don’t want to think about it too closely myself. But the hormones are in capsules that I have to insert into my vagina morning and night, and it makes a glue-like mess that’s impossible to clean up or get off. My pantyhose are ruined, ruined, I’m telling you. Anyway. It doesn’t surprise me that after his cock being covered up by the stuff from fucking me yesterday Wonderboy was kind of feeling uneasy about getting it on his cock once more. It’s not just that the stuff is super awful to clean up, I think he actually feels weird about getting some share of the progesterone in his own body through the skin contact. He kept asking me how long I have to keep inserting these – which is by the way a thing I moped about beforehand quite alot and it didn’t seem to bother him then! – and I told him what the doctor said. Until my period start or until next Thursday.

Okay, so I said what any sex loving girl would: we can do other stuff. And we did. And it was so much fun. He even demanded we put mycollar on me! ❤ We kissed and grinded, and it made him express how I was so in the right to initiate this. What a surprise! After being abstinent most of the weeks that we injected me with hormones and 5 days after the procedure both of us are a bit frustrated, let me tell you. he already couldn’t sleep Friday night and even when I told him it’s because he is sexually frustrated and I tried toget something going with him, he wouldn’t, because he was too scared of hurting me.

And since that’s the case… He literally came after a minute of me sucking his cock, which makes me both happy and really, really turned on, because I’m kinking on that sort of thing as you might remember. He did give a fair warning, as he’s a gentleman, but I thought at leas this once I can tease him and make him come too quickly, because he’s not going to fuck me anyway. So I got me kink served for once. Ha-HA!

When it was his turn and he flipped me over and was about to start licking me I asked if he could use a dildo on me. This is tricky since I’ve asked it of him before, but he doesn’t want to use a dildo on me. Unless he’s using it on my ass while fucking me. I think he might be… jealous? Or threatened? This time he surrendered, though, and I think it was because he was feeling guilty over not fucking me. He knew I wanted cock and not oral. I also commented that the dildo is not even as big as he is, and he immediately confirmed the fact by putting the dildo right next to his still engorged cock. Shorter and not nearly as full as I like. That probably made him less threatened by it too.

It’s not as big or bigger, because we got this dildo originally especially for anal – for double penetration. I don’t need a Stryker to feel painfully full. We have never managed to get the dildo and Wonderboy’s cock inside me at the same time. Yet.

And then Wonderboy gave me a fucking magnificent orgasm with a jelly dildo and with his tongue. I want to immediately go back to the bedroom and get a do-over, that’s how good it was. Especially following his… quite quick release. (See, how I love to revel in it? It’s so funny I love it so much.)

And here comes the question.

We own this jelly dildo, a pink delightful one. The only problem with it is that it reeks. I’m guessing this is due to a certain kind of plastic, not the nice good kind either, and I really don’t want that thing coming near me again. So, my friends – can you recommend a good dildo for a smallish woman like me? I really, really want it to be soft and rubbery so it will fit my insides and not the other way around. I know many people hate jelly dildos, but I guess I’m not one of them. I have ample experience on hard dildos and I can say it’s not for me.

So! Recommend something quickly, because that’ll probably be the only cock I’ll get around here until I run out of the progesterone capsules.

This sort of thing, perhaps? Remember that it’ll probably be going into my ass in the end, so it doesn’t have to be the Biggest in the market.