Volatile Bodies

The most important things I’ve written thus far, for me and in my humble opinion.

(Stereotypes) Die Hard The guilt, secrecy and shame related to kink aren’t doing anyone any favors.

Porcelain women meet icky men The gender expecations, ways women are seen as clean, cute and lollipops and men as filthy, rowdy, cowboys, are damaging to both, when looking for sexual fulfillment. Also: accepting squirting.

Turning self-destructive ways into positive ones Abusive past the reason for submissive behaviour – or the other way around?

Safe again “I’ve noticed that I don’t feel loved, if he doesn’t dominate me.”

My pain “Pain is just one sensation. It is seen as meaningful because it usually brings dire news to our attention, but I is what we perceive it as. I see it as a sliver of pleasure.”

Men who decide to rape On rape and lines in the water.

Links I want to share to pieces you should read.

Volatile Bodies: toward a corporeal feminism by Elisabeth A. Grosz on Amazon, Google Books.

Towards my personal sex positive feminist 101 by Clarisse Thorn at Clarisse Thorn. Clarisse respects that it has to be named as personal, because there can be no one truth, and she’s only looking for a way to talk about the open-minded feminist pro-sex outreach, which has come her career. My personal hero.

On Desire, Sex and Gender

I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure (I do, I do, I do) Sarah on Feministe.

Of never feeling hot – the missing narrative of desire in the lives of straight men Hugo Schwyzer on hugoschwyzer.net.

Presumption of innocence Dw3t-Hthr at Letters from Gehenna.

On Kink

The Difference between BDSM and Abuse is not just Consent Ranat at Beyond the Hills.

How not to fuck up a D/s relationship, deconstructing DS-dynamic from the relationship is of essence, by Maymay on Maybe maimed but never harmed.

Not your usual BDSM and abuse story choosing abusive relationships because you can’t handle your own submissiveness at Let them eat Pro-SM Feminist safe spaces.

Aftercare Chris M. lets us on a little secret they call aftercare. How to end a scene so that everyone will feel more happy and content – not less?

On Porn

Sympathy for the Anti-Porn Feminists by Clarisse Thorn on Carnal Nation.

On TPE, total power exhange

Violence in the Garden by Polly Peachum.

To be continued. You can also email me your suggestions of great articles and resources on issues of sexuality and gender at roguebambi @ gmail.com

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